Upcoming webinars

The Mindset You Need to Succeed with Intimidating Audiences

Thursday October 20th at 1PM EDT
In this special, created-for-you complimentary training session, Laura Camacho gives you everything you need to show up with relaxed, authentic confidence the very next time you face the skip skip skip boss, the CEO, the Board of Directors, or your spouse (just kidding on this last one.) Get the mindset that helps you help your audience, build your influence, and move your ideas forward.

Past Webinars

Put More B in Your DEIB (Diversity – Equity – Inclusion – Belonging)

Wednesday July 27th at 11 AM EDT
Come join Dr. Michelle Prince and Bob Kelner in a conversation on how and why human capital professionals are stakeholders in collaboration and communication solutions impacting DEIB, retention, engagement, and productivity by enabling meeting equity.