Dashboarding & Operations Centers

Gain Alignment

See & understand the big picture by bringing together all types of content in one place.

Securely share information

Regulate platform access and visibility
of shared content by defining roles.

Enable rapid decision making

Quickly access content to leverage rapid brainstorming, risk assessment, and other key decision-making.

Leave and come back anytime

Our persistent canvas ensures the continuity of operations by retaining content and reflecting real-time data.

The security features that are built into the platform from the ground up are a real differentiators over other canvasing solutions.

Richard Edwards Director of Quatreus
The Evolution and Intersections of Facilitation

The Evolution and Intersections of Facilitation

The world has become increasingly connected through technological advances in the 2000s, revolutionizing how we learn and communicate.

Visual Collaboration Software

Visual Collaboration Software

Let’s face it, a standard presentation won’t leave a lasting impression. Discover how to engage your customers with visual collaboration software here.

Hybrid Presentations and Workshops

Hybrid Presentations and Workshops

In a world filled with in-person and remote workers, company events need to appease both groups. The solution? Hybrid meetings.