Webinar: The Mindset You Need to Succeed with Intimidating Audiences

October 20th, 2022. 1PM EDT

Stop the brain freeze!!

In this special, created-for-you complimentary training session, Laura Camacho gives you everything you need to show up with relaxed, authentic confidence the very next time you face the skip skip skip boss, the CEO, the Board of Directors, or your spouse (just kidding on this last one.) Get the mindset that helps you help your audience, build your influence, and move your ideas forward.

Giving constructive feedback is seldom fun. Asking for a raise can make your knees wobble. Even giving presentations to an intimidating audience can set off the fluttering of two thousand butterflies. An audience can be intimidating for many reasons. Let’s go through the mindset that equips you to make your point, advance your cause, and experience less need to drink heavily.

  • What happens to our brains when we face a scary audience at work
  • Why “fake it ‘til you make it” does not work for highly-conscientious high performers
  • 5 different ways you actually ALREADY add value to your intimidating audience
  • Next steps for you to shine the very next time you face that unnerving situation.

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