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Immersive collaboration for hybrid rooms of tomorrow.

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Alleo is The Interactive Content Collaboration Platform that allows users to customize their own easy-to-use, visual collaboration solution.


Our browser-based platform is easy to deploy, manage, and access using any device, anywhere.


With Alleo, tailor an intuitive, user-specific interface to enhance communication and collaboration.


Alleo provides an equitable virtual environment where all users can share and interact in real-time, resulting in clearer communication and better decision making.

Connect your favorite tools in Alleo all at once

Our platform integrates with the most widely used communication and collaboration tools for business.

Simultaneously work with an array of tools without leaving the infinite visual canvas.

Join the Alleo Preferred Partner Program

Take your high-value room design to the next level with Alleo. Enable your customers to create purpose-built hybrid experiences that allow them to easily control and engage with content across multiple displays and devices.
  • Experience Centers
  • Briefing Centers
  • Innovation Centers
  • Training Centers


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