Enhance Collaboration

Foster a more collaborative environment for idea exchange and problem solving

Increase Engagement

Share and interact with content in real time, to encourage and enhance participation

Provide Flexibility and Adaptabilty

Any content on any browser-enabled device for presentations, ideation or meetings

Deliver Better Outcomes

Connect your content, people, tools, and more to stay focused and deliver results

Create Efficiency

Streamline processes by eliminating the need for multiple apps/tools that are not compatible

Improve Communication

Leverage the power of visual learning to clearly communicate ideas among multiple people

Unleash Creativity

Share ideas and inspiration without limitations, iterate on those ideas and tap into individuals creativity

Achieve Alignment

Gain consensus through equitable participation and visualizing the entire process begin-to-end

Reduce Operational Burden

Easy to deploy – no hardware contingencies
Easy to use – no need for a complex tool bar


It is a joy to work with them [Alleo] and use their product.

Kristen Elfering TechPoint

Alleo realizes the Workplace 4.0 today

Jörg Rong Senior Workplace Consultant with merTens AG

I don't know why everyone’s not using this as a collaboration system inside of meeting spaces and experiences spaces.

Gary Kayye THE rAVe Agency

The security features that are built into the platform from the ground up are a real differentiator over other canvassing solutions.

Richard Edwards Director of Quatreus

Alleo is an innovative solution able to meet all needs and to have everything in a single virtual workspace.

Simone Lo Russo CEO and Founder

We believe that Alleo’s collaboration software is a game-changer in the industry

André Markowis Head of Business Development Auviso

With tools like Alleo, it can be ensured that despite a spatial separation, the ability to innovate through collaboration remains secured.

Simon Härke CEO of DEKOM AG

Alleo has been a single source of truth for our team to plan and build on. We are more efficient, and barriers to working remotely seem to have vanished.

Tony Scelzo CEO, Cinergy

Alleo makes the learning experience collaborative and personalized. As a result, it’s more engaging, fun, and productive for the students.

Fawzi Benmessaoud, PhD Professor of AI and Informatics