Alleo forms partnership with DEKOM

DEKOM AG, the full-service partner for Unified Collaboration & conferencing, AV technology and conference room design, announces the partnership with Alleo, a provider of digital collaboration solutions.

The American company Alleo focuses on their own software, enabling hybrid collaboration. Their innovative collaboration platform enables teams to work together effectively worldwide, regardless of their location. Users can share their content simultaneously on a virtual space, enabling brainstorming and collaborative project work digitally. Alleo’s visualization solutions set a new standard for collaborative interaction, in a creative and intuitive way. Changing and revolutionising presentations, webinars, onboarding, meetings and project work alike.

Our partnership is designed to meet the growing demand for holistic, hybrid work environments that go beyond the boundaries of video communication.

“Innovative capability is the key to long-term and sustainable corporate success. If a company loses this core capability, for example because people no longer infect each other with ideas and collaborate creatively, threatening the existence of the company.” “With tools like Alleo, it can be ensured that despite a spatial separation, the ability to innovate through collaboration remains secured. I look forward to the partnership and the new opportunities for our customers.”

Simon Härke, CEO of DEKOM AG.

“DEKOM has been a very strong AV partner in Germany in my professional experience. Their investment in regional expansion to 15 countries covering Europe and the US, their migration to IT and their consultative expertise to help customers identify the challenges and find the right, future-proof solutions are 4 critical reasons why Alleo has selected DEKOM as their Value Added Reseller. DEKOM is an expert on collaboration today, ready for your needs of tomorrow. We could not be happier with their support.

Glenn Wastyn, EMEA Director of Alleo

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