Better Together #withAlleo

Episode 9 "ChatGPT on hybrid collaboration"
with ChatGPT

Guest: ChatGPT

Everybody has been hearing a lot about AI and ChatGPT, so we were wondering how ChatGPT would perform against our previous guests discussing topics like digital collaboration, remote work, office redesign and virtual collaboration etiquette.. Even putting chatGPT on the spot asking about the risks of AI for humanity. Evaluate the quality of the answers and where there might be room for improvement.

Also we have used Synthesia to artificially create avatars to present the written answers from ChatGPT. This will allow you to assess the language models, the way intonation and rhythm are mimicking human voices as well as facial expressions and body language.” An exciting episode to watch out for.

Due to the technical limitation we are going to not host this podcast live, but register here to be the first to get the link to the video release as soon as it comes out