Better Together #withAlleo

Episode 8 "The impact of hybrid collaboration on the home office"
with Till Gotterbarm

Guest: Till Gotterbarm, Product Management and Strategic Partnerships EMEA

Just like face-to-face interactions differ culturally so do virtual meetings. How people behave, speak, move, converse is not easy to grasp in a single language, let alone across multiple cultural and linguistic barriers. In a face-to-face environment the body language and facial expressions can help overcome some of the confusion, but in a virtual setup this supporting information is limited. Therefore remote work in an international setting adds complexity. Beyond the language the meeting etiquette is also different and the way people do business in general can impact how and when to use remote communication tools.

Till Gotterbarm, has been in the technology industry for over 2 decades and is one of the few I people I know who personally master this cultural complexity. As a fellow polyglot, he is able to connect from the North of Europe to France and Germany and complements my natural background from Holland to Spain. Together we have a great perspective on how Europe, or any other cultural differences might impact how you work. If you want to sharpen your virtual meeting senses, it is worthwhile joining this podcast.

Starting Time: March 24th. at 8:00 am ET | 13:00 CET
Location: Alleo