Better Together #withAlleo

Episode 7 "The impact of hybrid collaboration on the home office"
with Wim De Vos from Genesis

Guest: Wim De Vos, owner at Genesis Technologies

As we were pushed into home office due to the COVID pandemic a tsunami of investments took place to catch up with the needs to keep business and team work afloat. Solutions like Teams and Zoom were critical to overcome this first stage and hardware manufactures for headsets and cameras flourished. However, now that we have embraced the technology and are moving from minimalistic survival back to a focus on quality, the simple communication are not always able to close the gap. Furthermore, a remote and hybrid meeting etiquette is needed, much like our regular face-to-face meeting etiquette, to optimally work together in this new reality. Wim De Vos has been on the technology forefront when it comes to visual communication and the last 15 years focusing on in-home solutions. From entertainment, automation, security and office. The ideal person to cover some of the lessons learned during this transition.

Starting Time: March 10th. at 9:00 am ET | 15:00 CET