Better Together #withAlleo

Episode 6 "Post-covid impact on office design and function"
with Anders Karlsson from Humly

Guest: Anders Karlsson – CEO of Humly

As we are more and more comfortable getting our individual work done from home, the need to go to the office is changing and so its purpose needs to be reinvented. The office needs to add value to team work, to socialize, engage, ideate and collaborate with others.  This transformation has to go hand-in-hand with individual preparations and has to embrace those who cannot join in a hybrid format. The outcome is that the office is being or has to redesigned for this purpose. No longer do we need open plan offices with rows of desks, but with more creative and inviting collaboration spaces.

Anders Karlsson, CEO of Humly, is at the forefront of this office redesign. Their hard and software workplace solutions make it easy to view, book and find the right spaces for the right purposes in the new office buildings. Over the last 15 years Anders has been pioneering the smart workplace industry and can give us a great insight in how the office has changed and what to expect in the future.

Starting Time: Feb 24th. at 8:15 am ET | 14:15 CET
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