What Is the Purpose of an Experience Center?

What Is the Purpose of an Experience Center?

A customer experience center (or experience center) is a space where enterprise-level companies bring potential clients to showcase the company’s brand value and help stakeholders engage with their company’s work. When done well, an experience center’s programming goes far beyond a typical presentation, featuring multimedia components, dynamic storytelling, and input from the audience to shape demonstrations.

Customer experience is often thought of on an individual level—product satisfaction, how staff treat shoppers in a retail store, or the process of returning a purchased item. But when we at Alleo talk about customer experience centers, we’re speaking about more than those small interactions. In many ways, the stakes are much higher. But what all goes into making your experience center the best it can be?

What Is an Experience Center, Done Well?

Experience centers help turn a run-of-the-mill presentation into a memorable, interactive experience. Let’s be real: it’s not engaging to sit through hours of one-sided presentations, no matter what the topic is. But at the same time, it can be challenging as a brand to succinctly communicate the value you bring. This is where an experience center shines: by providing opportunities for experiential learning around your brand. 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your experience center, you should answer a few questions first:

  • What is the “customer experience” we want to provide in the center?
  • What tools can help us get there?
  • How can we build our space to support the tools we use?

Let’s look at just a few of the ways that customer experience centers can help you tell your best brand story.

Interactive Displays

Experience centers often take advantage of hands-on, walk-through displays that share the brand story. These can include images, looping videos, touch screens, and even physical items meant to be handled by visitors. Additionally, interactive components can augment what would normally be a static, prepared presentation. By combining audio, video, and audience-tailored exercises, a large-scale presentation goes from time spent talking at customers to time spent talking with them. 

Hybrid Presentations

Making sure to accommodate virtual clients is crucial, even for a physical space like an experience center. If a customer wants to learn about your brand but can’t appear in person at your experience center, there are still many ways they can show up. With video conferencing, virtual exercises, breakout sessions, and interactive digital tools (such as whiteboards and surveys), virtual clients are still part of the journey in a meaningful way, and don’t feel like an afterthought. This is especially important for enterprise-level companies, where large-scale investors may often be too busy to appear in person but are still crucial to your business.


Experience centers don’t just have to focus on showcasing your brand. Companies often bring paying clients to their experience centers to solve a problem. Workshops are also easily translated into a hybrid and virtual environment—particularly with software like Alleo that simplifies the creation of breakout rooms, exercises, and modular displays controlled by a single moderator.

Additionally, workshops serve as a means of conversation, helping you better understand your clients and empathize with their pain points. Effective presenters can keep track of the audience input received in workshops, then use that information as a way to show your brand as a solution.

How Do I Create an Experience Center? #WithAlleo

How do you build a customer experience center that best communicates your brand, mission, and value statements? You do it by declaring your brand story, then finding the technology that supports you as you tell that story. When investing in your experience center, the software you use is the most important piece. No matter how nice your furniture is or how good the catering tastes, the brandstory you communicate about your company matters more. And finding the right technology to support your storytelling, is key to success.

Alleo is that key to success, and much more. Alleo uses cutting-edge software to bring people, content, and tools together in a way that enhances your presenting capabilities —all while maintaining collaboration equity in a hybrid work environment. With Alleo, you can:

  • Develop modular, multimedia presentations that can be tailored for different audiences
  • Moderate workshops and breakout sessions from a single source
  • Easily customize presentations with exercises, widgets, and whiteboards—no coding required!

Alleo creates a space where you can talk about the work and do the work. Visit our website or our Instagram page to see how we help our clients best express their brand, or request a demo today!


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