What Is a Digital Experience Center?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of virtual events has expanded significantly and will continue to do so. In fact, a study conducted by Grand View Research found that the global virtual events market is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 21.4% until 2030. Events such as these allow people from all over the world to join a meeting that they might not be able to travel to. This shift has changed the way the typical customer experience center (CEC) looks.

If your team still wants to have one of these centers but want to do it virtually or in a hybrid environment, then you’ll need a digital experience center. We’ve got the ins and outs of how to teach customers more about your brand while keeping them engaged in an online atmosphere.

What Is a Digital Experience?

A digital experience (DX) occurs when a business or organization interacts with customers, prospective customers, investors, partners, etc. using digital technologies. These experiences provide companies with opportunities to meet with their customers, even when they have customers based far from one another or don’t have the in-person space for a large gathering. While meeting with customers online has its benefits, you also risk causing customers virtual fatigue, that weariness that comes with spending a lot of time engaging in the digital sphere.

To prevent virtual fatigue and make your online experience centers more fun, you need to make them memorable. Creating interactive digital experiences does that. It creates collaborative equity by encouraging everyone to participate, and not just the most talkative people. Interactive experiences also keep participants engaged. Creating interactive digital experience centers benefit your company, too, because immersive experiences can boost knowledge retention as high as 90%. Essentially, the more immersive your experience, the more your prospective customers will remember your brand. Plus, these kinds of experiences work for hybrid meetings as well.

How Do You Create a Digital Experience Center?

To create a customer digital experience center, you have to take a few essential steps:

  1. Get to know your target audience. You’re creating this center for them, so figure out who they are. What problems do they need solved? How can you work to solve those problems?
  2. Use innovative technology. Clicking through boring slides just won’t cut it for digital experience centers these days. To keep your audience engaged, you need innovative technology that allows for interaction and a chance for participants to see one another. Alleo offers this and more.
  3. Have a purpose in mind. DX centers can be fun, but they have to have a point. Make sure that all your activities and presentations relate to one another to really drive that purpose.
  4. Make a plan. Figure out what kinds of presentations, activities, and brand awareness opportunities to include and in what order to do them in.
  5. Check in after the event. Follow up with attendees to understand what they liked and disliked about the digital experience center as well as what they got out of it. With digital experience platforms like Alleo, you can save all the feedback and completed activities during the event. It will give you more insight into respondents’ answers.

What Are the Elements of a Digital Experience Center?

The elements you use in your DX center will vary depending on the type of experience you’re creating. For example, you might include a presentation on your company’s history to prospective customers you’re introducing your brand to but not to your own employees who you’re getting feedback from on a new product.

However, there are a few common elements that you might decide to use in your next DX center:

  • Presentations. Whether you need to provide information on a new product idea to employees, company history to employees, an updated business report to investors, or something else, presentations allow you to clearly get that information across. Using smart boards and multimodal content can make those presentations more interesting.
  • Ice-breakers. These work especially well when you have a group of prospective customers interacting with one another for the first time. Alleo has built-in ice-breaker activities like the Choice Exercise that allow everyone to participate and see each other’s responses.
  • Feedback exercises. These give you a better sense of what your customers care about as well as their feelings after the experience. Activities such as these help you gauge what your company is doing well and what it can improve upon. It also aids you in further refining who you want your target audience to be.

If you want a platform that offers intuitive templates for all these elements and more, turn to Alleo.

How to Build the Best Digital Experiences: With Alleo

The best digital experiences are engaging, purposeful, innovative, and memorable. With Alleo, your DX center can achieve all these characteristics. We strive to create experiences with accessibility, simplification, and collaboration equity at the forefront so every voice can be heard and common barriers eliminated. Plus, the experiences you create with us are completely customizable, so you can fit the DX center to your audience no matter whether you host a virtual or hybrid event. To see what our platform can do, request a demo.


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