What does digital customer experience mean?

Digital customer experience is every way your brand interacts with customers online. This includes obvious things like your website or app, but can include things like seeing your virtual presentation at a customer experience center or trade show, or even attending a fully online event with you at a digital experience center. 

In this article we’re going to look at individual-level digital customer experiences alongside some of the more innovative, enterprise level approaches—like digital customer experience centers. 

What Is Digital Customer Experience, and What Does an Experience Center Have to Do with It?

Think about the companies you’ve interacted with today so far. Many of us woke up and scrolled our favorite social media, probably seeing a post from a brand we like. Then you might request a prescription refill be mailed to you via your pharmacy’s website over breakfast, before you use a maps app to tell you how to get to an appointment. Not to mention all the platforms you probably open as soon as you sit down at your work computer for the day. All of these are examples of a digital customer experience, meaning you might have 50 a day before lunch!

Customers interact online with the businesses they use all the time. Businesses, in turn, want to make sure that their customers leave these interactions feeling positively about their brand. But in today’s competitive landscape, it’s hard for businesses to stand out as providing exceptional customer experiences. This can be especially true to business to business (B2B) companies, since fostering that sense of personal connection can be harder in a business relationship.

That’s where the digital customer experience center comes in. Experience centers help your customers be more connected with and invest in your brand. Digital experience centers are an even more flexible option for getting to know other business customers more intimately, instead of just giving a sales pitch to high value prospect client leaders.

What Are the Components of Digital Customer Experience vs Experience Centers?

Traditional digital customer experiences certainly still have their place in the modern business world. 

They include things like:

  • Website
  • Apps
  • Social media
  • Virtual newsletter
  • Chatbots

But digital experience centers go above and beyond these more legacy components. They are customer-focused, experience-led virtual spaces where current or potential customers can connect more personally with your brand. They are spaces where you can invite loyal customers to share their valuable feedback while showing them up and coming new features. Digital experience centers also give you a space where you can present quarterly business reviews to all your business stakeholders to showcase company successes. You can even use them to allow potential customers to fully immerse themselves in what you have to offer before they sign on.

These digital centers will include things like:

  • Interactive events
  • Team building exercises
  • Customizable presentation decks
  • Informative content interspersed with engaging activities
  • Tailor made user experiences for the audience

Why Is Digital Customer Experience Important? How can a Digital Experience Center Help?

There’s a whole host of research showing companies that provide a good customer experience outperform companies that don’t. In fact, 73% of businesses with above-average customer experiences are more financially successful. 

There are several reasons why these digital experiences matter, including that they:

  1. Build customer trust
  2. Foster good word of mouth
  3. Showcase business innovation
  4. Highlight brand values
  5. Increase employee satisfaction

Let’s say you are a bank that’s looking to attract more business clients. Some digital customer experience examples would include tailoring your website and social media to attract this clientele, and that’s a great place to start. But what if you also invited twenty of your most promising potential customers to an afternoon at your digital experience center? Let people organically experience the ways you solve their most common pain points. If the customer has a good experience they will tell not only their own leadership about this added value, but other businesses too.

Let Alleo Support Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy

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You don’t have to settle for generic presentations and clunky online interactions. Our wide range of customizable templates let you create the exact digital experience you want, no coding necessary. When you’re ready to revolutionize your digital customer experience, contact us!


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