What Are the Benefits of Using a Visual Collaboration Tool?

The importance of collaboration should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to engaging customers. But far too often businesses view customers as passive entities, rather than active participants in their own buying journey. Giving customers a chance to interact with your team and solutions keeps them engaged and helps them feel empowered. Greater collaboration means you and your customers are working together to solve their challenges, instead of dragging them through different stages of the sales-funnel.  

Visual collaboration software is absolutely vital to cultivate collaborative and engaging customer experiences. But what is a visual collaboration tool, exactly? At a high level, visual collaboration tools function to help businesses create and facilitate events that engage all attendees regardless of communication preferences or location.  

Let’s take a look at what the best visual collaboration tools have to offer. 

Top Three Benefits of Visual Collaboration Technologies

Although visual collaboration tools have much to offer, these three benefits tend to stand out the most.

1. Greater Customer Loyalty

Everyone can agree that having good communication is key to strengthening your customer relationships. Visual communication tools help customers better understand what you are offering and give them more opportunities to voice their questions and opinions. For example, the Alleo platform comes with tools for creating immersive experiences with hands-on activities. These intuitive and synergistic tools help customers better understand technical processes or project timelines. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures customers feel heard and understood.

2. Enhanced Collaboration Equity

Visual communication and collaboration tools enable companies to provide a more accommodating and equitable experience for their customers. People often forget to accommodate all communication and collaboration style preferences in meetings and presentations. This creates an atmosphere where customers are reluctant to participate and engage. But with tools like Alleo, you can lean on pre-designed activities, templates, and other engaging features that appeal to visual, auditory, and hands-on learners in any hybrid setting. This way, no one feels left behind. 

3. Improved Access to Customer Feedback and Insights

Gathering accurate and detailed feedback is the key to growing and improving your company’s offerings. But it’s tricky to acquire and sometimes even harder to decipher. Visual collaboration software makes giving and receiving feedback more efficient and engaging for everyone involved. For example, Alleo comes with real-time surveys that can be deployed during demos, training, and other meetings, making it easy to gather feedback and discuss it with your customers immediately. Not only does this process provide you with valuable insights, it also makes your customers feel seen.

Where Should I Use Collaboration Tools? 

Although visual collaboration tools can be used in nearly all customer-facing or internal processes, here are a few use cases that stand out the most.

1. Presentations

Presentations are often a customer’s first official introduction to your brand, so you better make it count. Visual collaboration software helps you tell your company’s story in ways that match your audience’s needs and highlight your brand’s personality. To help achieve this, Alleo provides customizable no-code presentation templates that enable moderators to create and facilitate captivating events that drive high-level, and hopefully profitable, engagement from customers. 

2. Trainings and Demos

Training customers can be difficult, especially in virtual and hybrid environments. Visual collaboration tools like Alleo provide a single space to work in and for your customers to interact with. In our platform, you can share all important documents and media in a single, collaborative space. No more jumping from tab to tab or app to app, which makes your life easier and eliminates distractions for your audience. 

3. Workshops

Workshops are another way to highlight your company’s innovations and provide thought leadership to your customers and colleagues. Visual collaboration tools power purpose-driven workshops that leave people feeling inspired. The Alleo platform comes with many features purpose-built to drive collaborative workshops. Here are just a few:

  • Interactive polls
  • White boarding
  • Live chat
  • Interactive widgets
  • Pre-built customizable activities and icebreakers

Enhance Your Visual Communication and Collaboration With Alleo

Alleo goes beyond basic visualization capabilities to drive ideation and purposeful interactions. Our intuitive, accessible, and customizable platform comes with a host of functionalities to level up your customer experience. Schedule a demo today to see Alleo in action and discover how our solution can power your most valuable experiences.


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Megan Nordwig

Director of Customer Experience at Alleo

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