How to Present Your Content on Multiple Displays

The importance of efficient visual collaboration tools and the need to share presentation material flexibly is steadily increasing with the rise of hybrid events. At Alleo we’ve crafted a solution to not only meet but exceed this need. Visual Twin provides users the freedom to drive content and activities across any display arrangement for in-person and remote participants simultaneously.

“With just a push of a button, users gain the power to command every display within their space, making presentations and collaborations more intuitive and effective than ever before”

Brandon Fischer, Alleo’s Founder and CEO

As a presenter, you need the flexibility to accommodate and deviate to meet the needs of your audience. With Visual Twin “We’re giving power to the users in ways they’ve never experienced with a profound shift in the way we perceive and engage in collaborative environments.”

Our Visual Twin aims to redefine the boundaries of digital presentation while addressing several challenges with visual collaboration. The software utilizes the “What You See Is What You Get” principle, ensuring the content you see on your control interface is an exact replica of your display setup and content. Traditional systems and software often present abstract control interfaces that don’t plainly correspond with display setup. Users have to mentally map the control interface to physical displays, this can be inaccurate, and not to mention…exhausting. The Visual Twin’s representation mirrors the physical setup, ensuring a more intuitive interaction.

Furthermore, few things are more important than simplicity when facilitating presentations, workshops, and meetings through our platform. Our browser-based solution makes Visual Twin lightweight, free of device/platform installation and software/hardware compatibility issues. Traditional systems often rely on proprietary hardware or specific routing systems to display video. The aforementioned is expensive, limiting, and can introduce additional points of failure. Visual Twin avoids these constraints, simplifying setup with minimal maintenance.

For a memorable experience, quality is essential in collaborative technologies. While many systems rely on compression techniques that compromise image quality to offer an efficient experience, Visual Twin achieves optimal efficiency without degrading image fidelity. Achieving optimal performance and doing so flexibly is the core of Alleo. Visual Twin is fully customizable, accommodating any display arrangement regardless of number, size, dimension, or resolution. Deploying any type of content freely to and from multiple screens with a touch of a button opens the possibility of interaction smoothly.

The ease in which multiple users and displays can interact with each other makes Alleo suitable for a wide range of use cases and environments. One of these use cases, which has proven to be a crucial facet of business today, is storytelling. Alleo allows you to create and co-create narrative-driven presentations using a variety of content types including; live video, screen shares, media, embeds, interactive graphics & widgets. Visual Twin allows you to deploy all of this content to and from multiple displays when and how you would like to support your message. This technology is ideal for sharing a brand journey because it creates an immersive experience for stakeholders, inviting them to be part of your journey.

All in all, Visual Twin is simple, customizable, and engaging, allowing anyone anywhere to experience and interact with curated content controlled in real time from the same room or another country. Visual Twin embraces the future, championing different types of collaboration styles welcomed by our rapidly evolving world.

Ready to provide your business with a unified platform where they can control content, displays, and environments from an easy-to-navigate dashboard? See how Visual Twin works here, and connect with us to unleash your collaborative potential.


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